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Updating via WordPress (Manual)

To update one of our themes you’ll first need to download the latest version of the theme file from the members area. Ensure that you download the file as .zip and store it to a location on your desktop.

To download a theme first login to the members area and head to the downloads page. Choose a theme and press the download button.

When prompted ensure the theme is downloaded as .zip.

Once the download is complete login into the WordPress admin area on your website. The website where you want to install the theme. Navigate to Appearance -> Themes. Before deleting the existing theme we must first deactivate it. To do this activate another theme you have installed (e.g. Twenty Fourteen).

Now hover over the theme preview image (the one we want to update) and press “Theme Details”. In the bottom right hand corner of the popup modal press delete and confirm.

Note: The theme has not been backed up, as such any changes made to the core theme files will be lost. It’s for this reason that we recommend updating via FTP as it’s easier to create a backup before installing the update.

Once the old version has been removed we can now begin installing the latest update. To do this select Add New.

Next select Upload Theme then browse to the theme zip file (which was just downloaded) on your desktop.

Now press install now and follow in the on-screen instructions to activate.

Encountered an error? Some web hosts can apply restrictions on the maximum file upload size. If you experienced this error you’ll need to upload the theme via FTP. Take a look at our Updating via FTP tutorial to learn how to do this.

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