Pricing Table

Input Attributes (general):
 - width: specify the width of the entire pricing table (px)
 - linktext: change the Buy Now button text (optional)

Input Attributes (individual):
 - title: optional
 - price: price 1, price 2, price 3, price 4...
 - size: small, big, small, small...
 - rows: row 1, row 2, row 3, row 4...
 - icons: tick, tick, cross, cross...
 - link: url 1, url 2, url 3, url 4...

[margin size=”40″]

[pricing1 width=”400″ linktext=”Buy Now”
title_1=”title1″ price_1=”$49″ size_1=”small” rows_1=”row 1,row 2,row 3″ icons_1=”tick,cross,cross” link_1=”#”
title_2=”title2″ price_2=”$99″ size_2=”big” rows_2=”row 1,row 2,row 3″ icons_2=”tick,tick,tick” link_2=”#”
title_3=”title3″ price_3=”$79″ size_3=”small” rows_3=”row 1,row 2,row 3″ icons_3=”tick,tick,cross” link_3=”#”]

[margin size=”20″]

The styling of shortcodes may vary depending on exactly which theme you are using. This is to ensure that the shortcode best matches the design of the particular theme.

If you find that the shortcode you’re using looks different to that shown above then please refer to the shortcodes section for the demo site of the theme you’re using.

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