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Installing Demo Content (Manual)

Each of out themes come with demo content that can be used to quickly add content to your website which is the same as theme demo. Some of themes include a 1 click demo installer and so have a different method for installing demo content than the method set out below.

The following theme(s) contain a 1 click demo installer. For these please refer to the 1 click demo installation tutorial. The tutorial video demonstrated the installer on Minamaze, however the process is the same for all themes that contain the 1 click demo installer. Currently the following themes include 1 click demo installation.

  • Engrave
  • Minamaze
  • Experon

To install demo content first download the theme (Alante) folder to your computer and unzip the file. In the theme folder you’ll find another folder called “xml”. Within here you’ll find the demo content files, which will be named THEME.wordpress.YYYY-MM-DD and also the theme options data file named THEME-backup-options. Remember the location of this folder as it will be needed during the process of setting up your new website.

Follow the steps below to setup your website with the demo content.

Ensure the page builder plugin is installed before importing any demo data. Download the page builder here.

Each of our themes come with a number of recommended plugins including Contact Form 7 and Comprehensive Google Maps plugin. These add additionality functionality to our themes. Select “Begin installing plugins” to start installing the recommended plugins.

The recommended plugins can also be found under Appearance -> Install Plugins.

To start creating demo content (pages, posts, etc…) the .xml files needed to be uploaded. To do this go to Tools -> Import.

On the import screen select WordPress. If the installer plugin is not already installed you’ll be prompted to install it. If so, follow the on-screen instructions.

On the import data page select Choose File and browse to the xml folder in the theme folder on your computer. Select the xml file THEME.wordpress.YYYY-MM-DD and press open. Next press “Upload file and import”.

After the .xml has been uploaded you’ll be assign any demo posts. Leave this blank if you want to assign any posts to the site admin. Do not tick the “Download and import file attachments” checkbox.

Note that the “Failed to import…” messages are normal. These simply indicate that no images could be imported given that these are not contained in the demo content.

By default all pages will be displayed as top level menus. To set the menus (including dropdowns) to match the demo menus will need to be set. To do this go to Appearance -> Menus.

Select a menu and assign it to a location. For example the Pre Header menu should be assigned to the Pre Header Menu location. To this this select the menu, scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the menu location. Save changes.

By default WordPress will display your latest blog posts on the homepage. To set the custom homepage go to Settings -> Reading.

Choose “A static homepage” and select Home from the Front Page dropdown list. This will now display the content of the page named Home to the websites front page.

All of our themes comes with a powerful theme options panel allowing you to make hundreds of changes to your site without touching any code at all. To set theme options panel first go to the xml folder in themes download folder (similar to step 2) and open the THEME-backup-options text file. Copy the entire contents of this file.

Next go to the theme options panel, which can be found towards the bottom of the left hand menu in the WordPress admin area and is labelled Theme Options. Once here, go to the Import / Export tab.

Select “Import from file” and paste the contents from the THEME-backup-options text file into the content box. Hit import and this will set the theme options to be the same as that in the theme demo.

All complete! You’re site should now look the same as the theme demo (except without the images).

Note: Images are not included in demo files as the images are copyright protected by their respective owners.

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