Enable Boxed Layout

All of our themes come with the option to have your website display in a boxed layout. This means you can add a custom background image or color to display on the left and right sides of your main content. If you choose to add a boxed layout then every page on your website will also inherit this layout. It’s not possible to only apply to boxed layout to specific pages.

To enable the boxed layout please follow the steps below.

  • Go the the General Settings section of the theme options panel.
  • Scroll down to Enable Boxed Layout and turn the switch on to display additional settings.
  • By default the background color will be white.
  • If you would like to change this to another color press Select Color and choose a color.
  • You can also assign your own hexagon color code if you choose.
  • To add a background image press “Upload” then choose an image from your media library and press “Select”.
  • To ensure your image displays as you want, use the background styling settings to configure the css options.
  • Tip: Use a large image (wider than 1800px) to minimize prevent image distortion as much as possible.
Want to have a background image that remain still even as the user scrolls down the page? If so, then ensure that that “Fixed or Scroll” option is set to Fixed.

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