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Creating Multiple Team Pages

A number of our themes can be used to create pages for your team members. If you have multiple teams in your organization, you can also create more than one team page if you choose. To create a team members page please follow the steps below.

Firstly pages for each individual team member will need to be added to your site. The team members page will then pull the individual member information to create the team page.

  • To add a project go to team Teams and press Add New.
  • From here firstly assign a featured image to the member. This will be the image used for the members on the team page. It will not be output on the individual member page.
  • If enabled a short description about the member will be displayed on the team page. By default the information displayed will be picked up from the main content area for the member.
  • For greater control over what is displayed we recommend that the excerpt field be used. In this case, the description output on the team page will be picked up from the excerpt field and not the main content.
  • Now you can add content the main area as normal using either the native WordPress editor or the page builder. Any content added will be displayed on the individual members page, not the team page.
  • Before saving the member page ensure any relevant tags are assigned to the member. This will allow for multiple team pages to be created. You can assign as many tags as you like. (e.g. Management).
  • Continue to add more individual members repeating the steps above for each.

Once each individual team member page has been added, next a team page will need to be created. By default all of your team members will display at the url http://www.YOUR-SITE.com/team. Creating a team page using the instructions below allows for greater control over the content displayed, and can also be used to create multiple team pages.

  • To create the team page go to Pages -> All Pages and press Add New.
  • Add a title to the page, the one you would like displayed on the team page (e.g. Management).
  • Scroll down the page to “Page Attributes” and select the “Team” template from the dropdown list.
  • To assign specific members to this team page add tags to the page which have the same name as the member tags you want to include.
  • For example if you want to include all individual members that have the tag “Management” then the tag “Management” will need to be added to this page. Multiple tags can be assigned. All members that match any of the tags will be displayed on the team page.
  • By default the settings applied to the team page (e.g. layout, project information) will be picked up from the main theme options panel under the Special Pages tab in the Team section. To apply settings specific to this team page please use the in-page team options panel.

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