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Change Theme Colors (Specific Areas)

Some of our themes allow users to completely customize the site color scheme by targeting the colors in different sections. (e.g. Minamaze Pro). The sections which can be targeted with the advanced custom styling options are:

  • Main Content
  • Pre Header
  • Main Header
  • Footer
  • Post Footer
To activate targeted styling firstly the switch for the relevant area must be set to “On”. (e.g. body). In this example we‟ll customize the body section of Minamaze Pro.

  • To begin turn the switch next to Main Content to “On”.

This will reveal a range of options which allow us to target different areas of the main content part of the page. The following areas can be targeted:

  • Background
  • Headings (h1, h2, h3, etc…)
  • Body text
  • Body links
  • Body links – Hover
In this example we’ll change the default background color of the page from the default color (e.g. white) to one of our choice. The logic used in this example can be used when targeting different areas. To set a custom background color follow the instructions below:

  • Press the “Select Color” button next to Background color and pick a color.
  • In this example we have chosen blue.
  • If we only want to change the background color and do not want any other areas affected, ensure that a tick is placed in the checkboxes for any other target areas.
  • A similar approach to the above can be used to target different areas of your website.

Note: By default as soon as the switch is set to “on” for any target section. Then all targets within that section (e.g. heading text, body text, etc…) will be set to show as white. For this reason it‟s important to place a tick in the transparent checkbox if we want to continue using the theme default color for that area.

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