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Adding Background Videos (ThinkUpSlider)

Minamaze allows for video backgrounds in the ThinkUpSlider. To add a video background you’ll first need the video file you want to use. The video should be in both .mp4 and .webm formats. We also advise you add a screenshot of the video with the .jpg extension. Essentially, this will be loaded before the (heavy) video files are loaded so that your users don’t see an empty screen.

A great free tool for converting video formats to .mp4 and .webm, which also allows for screenshots to be taken, it VLC media player. You can download it from here.

Once you have the video in the required formats, place all three files (.mp4, .webm, .jpg) in the same folder location. This can be wherever you choose.

Tip: Store the video and image files in your public folder over at Dropbox to avoid bandwidth issues on your main server.

As a final step you’ll need to add a url to the video in the Video URL field. You can add a link to whatever you choose (.mp4, .webm, .jpg). Minamaze will automatically detect the available files and load the relevant ones when needed.

Note: When using a video background, an image must still be added to to the slide. However, this image will not be used.

Video not showing? Ensure that the url to the video / image file is stored in a publicly accessible folder and that the url points directly to the file and not a webpage that displays the file. E.g. If using Dropbox the url will begin with something similar to dl.dropboxusercontent.com.

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