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Add New Sidebars (Unlimited Sidebars)

All of our themes come with one sidebar by default. However, you can add more sidebars if you want. When a new sidebar is added it will instantly be available on the Widgets page and can be populated using the available widgets as normal. The new sidebar will also be available to select whenever choosing a sidebar layout (e.g. in the theme options panel).

  • To add a new sidebar navigate to Appearance -> Sidebars.
  • Press “Add New Sidebar” and assign a name to create your sidebar.
  • Tip: This name can be used to target the specific sidebar with css. For example if  a new sidebar has been created with is named advertising. You can apply styles to this specific sidebar by targeting the css class .side-advertising.
  • Once a new sidebar has been successfully created it will appear in the sidebar table.
  • If you want to remove a sidebar in future, simply press remove on the right table column.
  • To view your new sidebar and begin populating it go to Appearance -> Widgets.

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