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Add Homepage Call To Action (Outro)

The homepage outro call to action is a great way of re-engaging your visitors once they’ve had a chance to view your homepage. The call to action is displayed towards the bottom of the homepage, above the footer, and may be one of the last messages your visitors see before they decide to leave your site. So it’s a great opportunity to recapture their attention and encourage the visitor to continue browsing your website.

To add an outro call to action to your homepage follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Homepage section of the theme options panel and scroll down to Call To Action – Outro.
  • Put a tick in the message checkbox to enable the call to action.
  • Add a title message. This will be the header text and wrapped in h3 title tags.
  • Add a teaser message to give visitors more information.
  • Specify a button message if you want to display a button in the message box.
  • Specify whether the button should link to an internal page or external URL.
  • If linking to an external URL be sure to add https:// before the URL.
Remember that this call to action will only display on the homepage.

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