19+ Best Free Flat Design WordPress Themes 2021

Best Free Flat Design WordPress Themes

When it come to web design, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest trends your visitors expect. That why today we’re bringing to you a collection of some of the best flat design WordPress themes you’ll find our there.

So when it comes to trends, web design is no different from any other consumer-centric industry out there, where fashion and trend guides the style choices manufacturer make. Based on popular opinion, everything from mobile phone operating systems, to apps; developers everywhere have chosen flat design as the norm. Even within the WordPress community flat designs are all the rage right now.

We’re here to bring you a collection of some free to use, WordPress flat themes that look simple, yet stunning, and bring the best out of whatever you’re trying to showcase online.

Best Free Flat Design WordPress Themes in 2021


To get started with our list of best free WordPress themes with flat, clean, and minimal design, we have the lite version of Engrave. Engrave Lite is a multi-purpose professional theme that sits ideal for any kind of website. The theme features a responsive layout that performs excellently on any device. Further, the HD retina-ready design is efficient to drive attention in the first place. Additionally, the theme features a full-width easy to use slider alongside fonts, page builder, and more.


Harest is a brilliantly crafted multi-purpose professional theme with which you can create websites flawlessly. The theme comes with an impressive design that can engage visitors in the blink of an eye. Aided with a responsive layout, the websites crafted with Harest perform incredibly on any device. Sheltering, widgets, page builder, fonts, and other efficient elements, you’ll get almost everything you need to come up with the most unique and well-functioning website ever.

Flat Commerce

Flat Commerce by “themepalace” is a highly flexible and highly customizable free flat WordPress theme. Flat Commerce is entirely suitable to craft almost any kind of website that looks and functions professionally. This is among the WordPress flat themes which bring responsive design. Every element has been carefully configured to perform equally well in every device. Flat Commerce comes with a wide variety of options. With the help of these, you can modify almost anything, from featured content to promotion headlines, featured sliders, and icons.

WP FlatThirteen

WP FlatThirteen is another fantastic free WordPress theme with a flat and minimal design. It is powered by TwitterBootstrap 3.0 and bags a unique design for SEO optimization. Alongside, this flat WordPress theme works well with faster page loading. The theme can be promisingly used to craft any kind of blog or news website. WP FlatThirteen is fully responsive in nature and works perfectly with any device. There are a number of exciting features like Social media profiles, Feature post categories, and more.

Superb Marketplace

Next up, we’ve on our list of best free WordPress flat themes; we’ve got Superb Marketplace. It is basically an e-Commerce theme made for building an excellent online presence for different kinds of boutiques and stores. Superb Marketplace can be used to create a custom marketplace selling digital goods and services. All thanks to the flat design, the website you create will look clean and attractive. Powered by Woocommerce and blocks, you’re just a few steps apart from creating an engaging website.


With Stoready, you’re looking at a unique free WordPress theme that is clean, minimal, and responsive. All thanks to the flat design, you can make every element of your website stand out. Alongside this free flat WordPress theme bears an excellent page loading speed. Also, it is entirely SEO optimized to make sure your website ranks higher than your competitor. Stoready features a brand new editor with which you’ll have the power to design your website in the desired manner.

Alluring eCommerce

Alluring eCommerce is another brilliantly designed e-commerce WordPress theme that can help shift your business online in the most promising manner. Powered by Woocommerce and blocks, creating your dream website is just a few steps apart. This is one of the best available free WordPress flat themes with a clean, minimal, and responsive layout. Alluring eCommerce is so well crafted that it will allow you to showcase every aspect of your website that speaks the language of quality.

Corporately Blogging

Corporately is an outstanding responsive finance and business theme that is pretty sure to look great on any device. Bearing a minimal and flat design, the website created with this theme looks and feels super clean. Corporately Blogging is a free flat WordPress theme that is extremely lightweight, enabling it to load real quick. Also, thanks to the SEO-friendly nature, beating competitors in search engines will be no big deal. The theme can be efficiently used as a landing page, blog, online store, or anything you want. It is entirely free to use and super easy to set up.


Featuring a super functional, brand new editor to customize every aspect of your website in a snap of your finger, Gutenshop is a one-stop destination for crafting brilliant online homes for your business or other purposes. Holding on to a super clean, minimal, and flat design, Gutenshop works all the way out to come up with a website that feels great in every way. In simple words, Gutenshop by “Superbthemes” is one of the best WordPress flat themes to have a look at.

Touring Zone Lite

Having talked about a number of free WordPress themes with flat designs, let’s look at one for the travel industry. Basically, Touring Zone Lite is a super clean, straightforward, free-to-use Tours and Travel WordPress theme. In other words, it is a flat WordPress theme that is built to create an engaging website for tour and travel agencies and similar businesses. Touring Zone Lite is highly responsive, which means it looks great on any device. Also, the theme brings a bunch of customizable features with which you can craft the website of your dreams with no issue whatsoever.


Are you looking to build a simple looking website for your business? Well then, Corporately needs your attention. It is a responsive finance theme that is home to minimal and flat layouts. Apart from the design, this flat WordPress theme is lightweight and optimized for SEO purposes. Although dedicated to the finance industry, the good news is, you can use Corporately for setting up almost any kind of website. You can use the theme as a landing page and, at the same time, as a blog as well. This theme is so well built that it functions excellently in showcasing whatever content you desire.


Ripple, a versatile one-page WordPress theme with a flat and clean design. The theme is undoubtedly an excellent choice for creating beautiful One Page or multipage websites. Featuring a powerful customizer, Ripple is among those brilliant free WordPress flat themes with which you can build beautiful websites in no time. Ripple is super flexible, responsive, lightweight, and SEO-ready.


Here is the solution for anyone who seeks the most minimal approach to crafting the most clean-looking website ever. Untold is an amazingly engineered WordPress theme that is home to a super flat design. Also, the responsiveness adds value to the overall efficiency of this free flat WordPress theme. Create landing pages, blogs, eCommerce websites, and more with this theme in the most straightforward manner. Get ready to be amazed by the real-time customizer and the long list of feature-ready elements.


Safreen is a next-level WordPress theme with a super flat design and responsive design. The theme is a perfect fit for landing pages, blogs, and other purposes, the theme brings in the most flexible approach to website creation ever. Thanks to the responsive nature, the websites created with this theme look equally great no matter which device you access it. In other words, the website looks stunning on all screen types, whether desktop, notebook, laptop, tablets, or smartphones. One of the prime features of Safeen is its translation-ready nature. Further, this flat WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Contact Form 7.


Pinnacle is another excellent WordPress to build websites with. It is a bold theme that shelters versatile options. Featuring a minimal and flat design, the theme looks clean from every aspect. Pinnacle is loaded with features and tools that open the doorway to limitless creative possibilities. Besides, there are other notable features like 100% responsiveness, compatibility with WooCommerce, collection of unique layouts, and more make Pinnacle worthy of your time.


Ultimate by “Theme Horse” is a super simple, clean, highly responsive WordPress theme with flat designs. The theme brings in the functionality which allows users to customize every aspect of their website with numerous theme options. Some of the prime features of this free flat WordPress include site layout, four layouts for every post/page, featured slider to highlight your post/page, 5 Page Templates, seven widget areas, five custom widgets, ten social icons, and more.


Yes, there are several WordPress flat themes, but Dazzling is a bit special. It is super clean, future-ready, modern, minimal, and 100% responsive. Dazzling brings in the flat design in the most promising manner. Moreover, the compatibility with WooCommerce makes this theme a terrific solution for blogs, eCommerce websites, and more. The theme features infinite scroll, an entirely SEO-rich structure, option to upload logos, full-screen slider, efficient call for action section, popular post widget, and translation-ready nature, and more.


Quadrat is a flexible WordPress theme designed for blogs and podcasts. Bearing a simple and flat design, you can create clean-looking websites in minutes. The theme is inspired by various flat illustrations. Alongside simplicity, Quadrat is very versatile in nature. It comes with a set of images that can be used to enhance the look of your site.


Suppose you wish to start blogging about anything and seek the most minimal and flat design for the corresponding website. In that case, you need to look at Feedlisty. Built with all the features you can ask for, this flat WordPress theme brings a combination of elegance and professionalism. First things first, the theme is 100% responsive, which means your website will perform great on any device. Feedlisty also helps creative minds showcase the uniqueness of the website in every possible manner.

Pin Minimal

At number 20, we’ve got Pin Minimal. It is one of the best-built minimalistic templates that is crafted using a flat-style UI. All thanks to its versatile nature, you can use this theme for almost any purpose. From blogging to online stores, from startups to landing pages, create any kind of website in just a matter of minutes.