13+ Best WordPress Gallery Plugins 2021

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

Regardless of what type of website you own – a blog, a portfolio or anything else – using the best WordPress gallery plugin is an integral part of it. Media files are very significant to enhance the overall look of your website in no time.

Thankfully with the help of gallery WordPress plugins, you can play with media embedment in the most seamless manner. But again, when you tend to look for any gallery tool, chances are high that you’ll find yourself submerged in a long, never-ending list. Which one to choose then? Let us help you with that.

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins in 2021

Unite Gallery

If you seek the best gallery plugin for WordPress, hands down, Unite Gallery is among the most promising options. This tool allows you to showcase the desired elements in the most eye-pleasing manner with nine vivid gallery types. Unite Gallery is a fully responsive gallery plugin that comes with a unique video gallery compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing platforms. Among the other notable features, this plugin has a zoom effect and loads up with amazing skins.

Global Gallery

Talking about a popular gallery plugin in WordPress, Global Gallery is a great one to roll your hands over. The plugin loads up with four gallery layouts and seven lightboxes that are beautifully designed to attract visitors’ attention. With the help of Global Gallery, you can create your first searchable, filterable, fully functional online gallery in the snap of a finger. Global Galley also bags the automatic gallery creation capability with which you can automate the entire process. Alongside, thanks to the watermark functionality, branding your gallery is super flexible with this WordPress gallery plugin.

Everest Gallery

Everest Gallery is one of the most versatile WordPress gallery plugins out there. Supporting images, videos, and even audio files, adding a next level touch to your website with this gallery plugin, is just a step away. With more than 30 beautifully designed layouts, create your first gallery seamlessly, facing no trouble. From selecting gallery and layout type to configuring columns, everything with Everest Gallery sets up to be the next level convenience.

Smart Grid Gallery

With Smart Grid Gallery, you’re looking at a fully responsive WordPress gallery plugin that can help you create a dynamic grid of image sets. Featuring three lightboxes, alongside CSS3 animations, the design of your gallery will speak quality in every aspect. Further, the plugin brings in extensive support for YouTube and Vimeo videos, with which you can make your website playback effective media. Moreover, Smart Grid Gallery brings 12 hover styles, an infinite scroll option, a shortcode generator and other excellent elements.

Hybrid Gallery

Moving forward with the list of best WordPress gallery plugins, we’ve Hybrid Gallery lined up next. The most amazing thing about this plugin that isolates it from the rest is the availability of a visual shortcode editor. From Grid to Masonry, from Carousel to Slider, this Gallery plugin comes with a total of 8 layouts to work with. Hybrid Gallery is a fully responsive tool that is ready with functional translations serving visitors worldwide. Overall, for any gallery oriented solution, Hybrid Gallery is undoubtedly the one-stop destination.

Essential Grid

Essential Grid is a premium WordPress gallery plugin that will allow you to craft visually stunning galleries with images, videos, and audio from various sources. Using the basic WordPress gallery functionality, you can include your gallery flexibly to the posts and pages. Also, with Essential Grid, connecting to the major social media streams that stretch from Instagram to YouTube and even Vimeo is as easy as you can wish for. Talking about the striking features of this gallery plugin, the live visual skin editor is worth mentioning.

Flow Gallery

Showcasing the desired images, videos and audios haven’t been easier before, all thanks to the amazing nature of Flow Gallery. It is an ultimate gallery plugin designed professionally to work with both WordPress and HTML5 based websites. Flow Gallery lets you chose from the list of multiple columns and ow layouts with which you can display your works in the most visually pleasing manner. The plugin is widely compatible with YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and other range of video-sharing platforms that hosts several media files which are ready to improve the look and feel of your website in the blink of an eye.

InstaShow 3

Having talked about a number of WordPress gallery plugins so far, here is one dedicated for everyone who is looking to embed an Instagram feed onto their website. The tool features more than 60 fully customizable elements alongside ten vivid color schemes. This generally will help you design and adjust the Instagram gallery just the way you desire. Above all, InstaShow 3 is a fully responsive gallery plugin that is built to attract your website’s visitors irrespective of the device in use. Additionally, this tool bag has exclusive support for Guttenberg, which is again great for customization freedom.

Justified Image Grid

With Justified Image Grid, you’re again looking at a robust and responsive WordPress gallery plugin which is professionally designed to meet the need of showcasing desires. Thanks to the looks and the feature-rich nature of this plugin, get ready to display all your images in the most realistic and pleasing way. No matter which niche you operate, Justified Image Grid will justify the looks of your website in every possible aspect. The plugin loads up with a number of essential resources that include lightboxes, layouts, social sharing, WP Bakery page preview and more.

Product Gallery Slider

Product Gallery Slider is basically an amazing WordPress gallery plugin designed to serve the requirements of any WooCommerce website. This tool brings in a number of responsive layouts with extensive support for seamless navigation. With Product Gallery Slider, you can embed a healthy number of fully customizable image galleries and corresponding sliders in your WooCommerce single product page in the most innovative way. Featuring eye-catching styles, this gallery plugin is powerful enough to increase your sales effectively in the blink of an eye. Talking about the elements, in particular, the series of gallery layouts oriented vertically and horizontally, sliding functionality, smooth image navigation, the latest fancybox three are among the worth mentioning ones.

YouTube Gallery

Coming from the home of “Elfsight,” the developers of Insta Show 3, here comes another brilliant WordPress gallery plugin for YouTube videos. Bagging more than 100 Adjustable Parameters, which are ready to get downloaded with around four vivid color schemes, this tool is a flexible solution to blend in a YouTube gallery into your website. Taking care of user experience, the plugin is made 100% responsive, which means no matter which device your audience is into, experiencing flawless media is for all. Additionally, the support for nearly 16 languages makes sure your plugin can be used by users all around the world.

Air Gallery Pro

With a highly responsive design, Air Gallery Pro is one of the best WordPress gallery plugins with looks that serves equally efficient on smartphones and PCs. The tool comes with a bundle of features that makes the creation and management of galleries a seamless task. With the ability to track down the statistics of views, likes and other user actions corresponding to your gallery, Air Gallery Pro also plays a significant role in bringing efficient modifications to your media files. Besides, the customization section is also brilliantly sorted with this plugin. Home to over 50 ready-made presets, introducing an attention-grabbing gallery into your website is near sight.

User Gallery

User Gallery is a useful WordPress gallery plugin with which you can seamlessly submit images and clicked photos to your website’s gallery. This gallery plugin is rich in features, and one of the great things is that the website owner has full control over the content that you wish to display. The content ranges from one to the other photos that are present. The plugin supports comes with a large number of compatible categories, including the image metadata, the comments. Also, the features like image resizing, notification management, and more come loaded.

WP Auto Grid

As we approach towards the end of our list of best WordPress gallery plugins, we’ve one that initially scans the available images on the folder and subfolders of your WordPress installation and then embeds the same without any hassle. One amazing thing about this gallery plugin is the support for a range of thumbnails that you require for enhancing the performance of your website. This fully responsive tool has a special ability to accept Images that bears dimensions of any sort. With WP Auto Grid, all you need to do is simple Dragging the images and dripping them same into a folder, sounds convenient, right?


Friday is what we’ve in stores today to conclude the list of Gallery plugins for WordPress. With Gridzy, arrange your images in a most beautiful and precise grid. Everything about this plugin is meant to meet the performance needs in the most powerful and extraordinarily manner. Judy is well designed to look perfect on any device, whether it be a PC or a smartphone. Thanks to this functionality, the grid automatically gets arranged immediately with the switch in the display size.