13+ Best NPS Software Tools 2022

Best NPS Software Tools

If you’re looking for the best Net Promoter Score software tools, you’ve come to the right place.

So what is Net Promoter Score (NPS)? As you already know it’s a valuable tool for measuring customer loyalty and engagement. It can help you identify your most loyal customers and determine what you need to do to keep them happy.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best NPS tools available on the market and take a look at the features of each one.

Let’s get started!

The best NPS Software in 2022

1. Qualtrics

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To begin with our list the of best NPS software, we’ve got Qualtrics. With this survey tool, you can track nps feedback really easily using their excellent management utility. Qualtrics offers a very flexible way to measure customer satisfaction and your feedback in no time at all.

You can create nps surveys and gather feedback across multiple channels including websites, chatbots, email, or SMS. One of the best things about Qualtrics is the Predict IQ feature. As the name suggests, it powers the operation of NPS and assists in predicting customer behavior.

This set of information is vital in further determining the individuals who tend to stir. Additionally, the available role-based dashboards are a great way to employ the appropriate elements, gather customer information, and improve the customer experience.

Qualtrics has recently acquired Delighted, which has again been an intuitive tool to gather Net Promoter Score most efficiently.

Main Features:

  • Respond to emails without using any external links automatically.
  • Qualtrics offer quality survey throttling.
  • Integrates with utilities like Slack, Office 360, Intercom, Stripe, and more.
  • Home to a real-time dashboard for flexible analysis.
  • Qualtrics bags impressive branding and customization abilities.
  • The tool is multilingual.
  • Effortlessly see specific messages from customers using Qualtrics.


  • $1500 per year


nps survey, nps score, nps surveys in app

Promoter.io is another brilliant platform for creating nps survey tools to gain valuable insights. Infact, that’s exactly what it says in the name, Promoter.io helps you get more promoters from your NPS surveys!

No one likes unnecessary extras, especially when we’re talking about the best nps software, because you need a streamlined tool that be used to measure nps quickly and easily. That’s exactly what promoter.io aims to do. It sticks to delivering the features needed to create a great nps survey.

The tool starts with an intuitive dashboard that is flexible enough to help users manage their campaigns flawlessly. Each campaign shelters detailed analytics, which eventually helps in bringing all the necessary improvements.

You can also use Promoter.io to seamlessly filter NPS scores on the basis of multiple parameters and grab the desired data. Offering support for over 27 major languages, you don’t even have to worry about audiences from different corners of the world.

Also, the calculator feature is something highly beneficial to assessing short-term and long-term revenue.

Main Features:

  • Promoter.io offers flexible integration with Slack, Segment, and Zappier.
  • Filter functionality for different NPS score types.
  • Intuitive dashboards that display detailed analytics for all campaigns.
  • Apply custom limits to survey requests for set periods.


  • from $199.00 per month


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Survey Sparrow introduces you to an omnichannel, robust customer experience management utility that works as a hub or almost every essential feature. As one of the best NPS software, SurveySparrow brings one of the most efficient ways to discover the required actions and the corresponding insights that are somehow related to customer loyalty.

Supporting a heap of features that, too with a flexible and user-friendly interface, lists SurveySparrow as the most easy-to-use NPS software of all time. No matter how big or small your business is, the tool will help you improve the customer experience by simply implementing surveys.

SurveySparrow goes a long way in creating dynamic surveys and lists as it employs varied criteria for segmenting the respondents. The practice makes the overall scenario with surveys more conversational.

The tool also lets you add follow-ups and questions for accumulating more details. In addition to these, the ability to automate is something to fall in love with.

Main Features:

  • You can create and schedule NPS surveys and CSAT surveys.
  • SurveySparrow is great for a 360-degree feedback mechanism.
  • Create eNPS, Employee Pulse surveys, CUstomer Pulse surveys, and more.
  • Manage differetn campaigns easily with dynamic lists.
  • Question branching is another amazing feature to benefit from.
  • SurveySprarrow makes case management easy.


  • from $19.00 per month


nps survey, nps tool, free nps software

Working with NPS analysis can’t get any flexible and efficient compared to what Wootric has to offer. In other words, Wootric is one of the simplest yet promising NPS software available today. The utility, when integrated with appropriate tools, seamlessly automates the entire analysis process. From sending surveys to gathering data, everything is made simple with Wootric.

Wootric is a robust customer experience management utility home to almost all kinds of tools that play a significant role in measuring customer feedback. To name them, we’ve got the NPS, the CSAT, and even the CES survey tools. The tool lets you customize the NPS surveys in the desired language and make sure the requirements for the global base are met with no issues.

Once done, Wootric will allow you to send the surveys through emails, SMS, URLs, QR codes, and more. The Wootric dashboard is also a great thing to talk about. The utility brilliantly displays the rolling average of the NPS scores alongside the CSAT and CES scores.

The overall customer trends are also made visible for detailed analysis. All this helps you study customer behavior in the most comprehensive manner.

Main Features:

  • The tool helps you get the NPS scores instantly.
  • Integrate with Slack, Intercom, Salesforce. Zapier and more.
  • Used across different media, including email, SMS, and even QR codes.
  • View NPS results in various ways by applying advanced filters.


  • from $89.00 per month


nps tool, nps survey tool, dedicated nps software

AskNicely is a popular customer management platform that needs no introduction. The tool is loaded with vivid surveys and efficient feedback capabilities that integrate with the CRM system.

The most crucial characteristic of AskNicely is automatically collecting detailed customer feedback by creating customized NPS surveys and then reaching your audience via different communication media. The leaderboard and the monitoring feature of AskNicely are something worth your time and money.

While the former allows users to segment and classify various channels, the latter brings one of the most promising ways to track real-time survey scores alongside routine feedback. One thing that makes the well-performing NPS software, AskNicely, unique is the NPS eBook.

The mentioned eBook comprises detailed analysis and varied methodologies that can help anyone understand their customers and improve the Net Promoter Score.

Main Features:

  • Collect and share feedback insights in real-time with your team.
  • Integrate with third-party tools and enhance the utilities.
  • Build and customize surveys to match your brand.
  • Integrate your CRM and trigger any kind of feedback request.


  • from $199.00 per month


Nicereply Number 6 on our list of best NPS software, we’ve got Nicereply. Like all the other tools that have been featured earlier, Nicereply helps measure and analyze the customer experience in the most user-friendly manner.

The tool brilliantly offers users to deal with surveys that revolve around CSAT, NPS, and more. Nicereply, as a robust NPS survey software, features a fantastic ability to manage negative feedback.

In other words, the tool itself will not help you gather necessary information but will also reduce the customer whisk rate. In addition to that, there are other exceptional abilities that highlight the tool as one of the popular choices of all time.

Main Features:

  • The tool bags an intuitive dashboard.
  • With Nicereply, you’ll be getting insightful reports.
  • Nicereply offers data range or flexible analysis.
  • You can seamlessly customize your surveys using Nicereply.
  • The NPS software helps you add follow-up questions.


  • Custom (Visit Website)


Survey Kiwi is another excellent survey-making tool worthy of being considered one of the bst nps software tools in the market. The tool helps users build forms and share customized NPS surveys through various mediums like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, and more.

Survey Kiwi, as an NPS software, shelters a number of elements that make the process of building forms and surveys an easy one. You can seamlessly customize your survey by adding follow-ups and anything similar.

Once you build and reach out to your customers with the NPS surveys, the tool’s analytics panel will then assist you throughout in understanding your customer better. Apart from a robust dashboard and flexible building capabilities, Survey Kiwi also loads up with flawless automation.

In other words, receiving notifications post submission of responses is well managed by the tool.

Main Features:

  • It offers custom survey URLs.
  • Survey Kiwi loads with efficient Data Analysis tools.
  • Built with embeddable surveys.
  • Brilliant Email distibution.
  • Engaging survey templates.
  • Question library with survey, online survey, and site intercept survey.


  • from $49.00 per month


Moving forward with our list of the best NPS survey tools, we’ve got Retently featured next. It has a range of features for capturing nps data and closing the feedback loop, so you can get access to valuable actionable insights.

All thanks to the creation suite, you can customize NPS surveys for different customer segments. Moreover, the survey tool contains a lot of automation features, so you can save time when creating your nps survey. One of the best things about Retently is indeed the A/B testing facility. With the help of that, you can create multuple surveys simultaneously and, based on the performances, choose the most efficient version.

Retently’s flexible campaign feature is capable of running several NPS campaigns among a similar or varied set of audiences at the same time. To make sure you don’t jumble things up, the timeline brilliantly displays the surveys according to the delivery status.

Finally, one thing to take note of is the industrial benchmark data offered by Retently. You can use this feature and compare how your business is doing with the top-notch industries and bring necessary changes.

Main Features:

  • Retently bags a series of customizable templates.
  • With Retently you can easily Import/Export data.
  • Email Management is made easy with Retently.
  • Customer Database of Retently is super flexible.
  • Do Customizable Branding in a better way.
  • Customizable Fields lets you create desired surveys.
  • Customizable Report for detailed analysis.


  • from $99.00 per month


This is another great nps survey tool for encouraging customer engagement. Again, it’s packed with features such as the ability to create multiple surveys and also distribute them over multiple channels such as via email, URL, or varied chat media.

Survicate even allows for in app surveys to be completed and multiple campaigns to be run simultaneously. Without a doubt this is one of the best nps survey tools to measure customer loyalty.

The tool is very easy to use, and for that very reason Survicate is listed among the beginner-friendly survey building utilities. You’ll neither need to write codes nor use advanced building technologies. The tool itself is flexible enough to help you come up with a survey in a matter of seconds.

Reading data and moving forward with desired analytics is also an easy task to deal with once you start operating Survicate. With NPS scores ready to get viewed and even shared right from the dashboard, you can seamlessly analyze your data.

In addition to all these features, another thing that makes Survicate worthy of all the attention is how amazingly it integrates with various CRM, email marketing, and even communication platforms.

Main Features:

  • Get insighs on specific users with detailed feedback.
  • Discover and remove the friction points with direct user feedback.
  • You can decrease churn and improve customer loyalty.
  • It helps better the Net Promoter Score.


  • from $65.00 per month


Another great tool to create nps surveys and monitor customer feedback is Thermostat. These surveys are some of the best nps software tools available, with a key focus on the ability to measure customer feedback from existing customers and all other survey respondents.

The tool is intelligently coded that allows users to add an optional feedback section alongside the NPS survey form. These types of features make it easier than ever to analyse customer feedback from survey responses fast. This really is specialized nps software that’s essential to effectively analyze customer feedback.

Talking about Thermostat’s dashboard, you’re looking at another element which is simple to use, yet promising. No matter what kind of NPS data you’re after, everything is viewable on a single screen. The process gets even more efficient with all the optional filters available.

Reading data is also made professional with comparison features. Sharing the surveys you build is super simple with Thermostat. You can choose from various channels like emails, links, and more to make your surveys reach the desired audience base.

The native API and the integration via Zapier help things get more manageable. Apart from outsourcing, collecting, and reading data, sharing those are also comfortable to deal with.

Main Features:

  • Site Intercept Survey.
  • Efficient Predictive Analysis.
  • Brilliant Sentiment Analysis.
  • Feedback Management.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Text Analytics.
  • Anonymous Feedback.
  • Customer NPS.
  • Survey Builder.


  • from $49.00 per month


Take your customer feedback to the next level with the amazing nps tool from Alchemer. With their customer feedback software and net promoter score software are some of the best nps software tools available anywhere.

Once outsourced, the responses then can be easily read, all thanks to the brilliant dashboard. Alchemer, as an NPS software, seamlessly integrates with customer retention systems and helps enhance the customer experience significantly.

Moreover, the tool plays a vital role in increasing loyalty, retention, and satisfaction, which eventually impacts your business in a positive way.

Main Features:

  • Flexible complaint monitoring.
  • Alchemer helps in gathering anonymous feedback.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Alchemer features amazing data analysis tools.
  • Seamless Email marketing and management.
  • The tool offers a brilliant way to manage feedbacks.
  • You can customize survey forms desirably using Alchemer.


  • from $49.00 per month


Feedbackly is an amazing feedback tool to gauge customer satisfaction across your business. Their survey tools making it very easily to not only send nps surveys, but to also analyze the nps responses. One thing to note however, is that Feedbackly is more suitable for e-commerce businesses.

This all-in-one feedback survey tool is powerful enough to turn customer responses into sales, provided you know how to use its dashboard and study the customer journey properly. The tool lets you create surveys and give them a personal touch.

After that, you can publish those surveys on various sales channels and wait for the audiences to leave an imprint. Sheltering the industry-leading dashboard, Feedbackly makes analyzing data a smooth and seamless process.

Other breathtaking utilities of this NPS software include emotional experience measurement, CES survey structure, multichannel data collection, and more.

Main Features:

  • The tool is based on AI Machine learning.
  • It helps you gather anonymous feedback.
  • Get CES, CSAT surveys with complaint monitoring and customer segmentation.
  • Intuitive and highly interactive dashboard.
  • Multichannel distribution and multichannel data collection.
  • This NPS survey software allows the import and export of data.


  • Custom (Visit Website)


Introducing Chattermill, an nps survey tool that can let you grab real-time insights to measure customer satisfaction so you can boost the overall customer loyalty and growth across your business. Chattermill NPS survey tool is loaded with features which allow you to seamlessly analyze customer satisfaction.

Chattermill offers text analytics credibility to help businesses gather and analyze customer data. From an easy-to-use dashboard to flexible customization ability, Chattermill bags every other facility that you’ll like to have your NPS software loaded with.

One of the best things about Chattermill is the Predictive analysis. With this, you can actually forecast the future. Other utilities include sentiment analysis, text analysis, and more.

Main Features:

  • Chattermill lets you track customer activities seamlessly.
  • With Chattermill, you can deal with customer segmentation.
  • Thanks to an intuitive dashboard, analyze varied data efficiently.
  • Chattermill offers an engagement tracking facility.
  • This NPS tool comes with an amazing predictive analysis feature.


  • Custom (Visit Website)


All in all, the NPS software tools listed here are sure to provide you with amazing customer management facilities. Each of these tools comes packed with unique features that can be advantageous for your business growth and enhancement. Selecting the right tool may seem a daunting task, but once you know what to look for, it becomes easier.

Hopefully, the above list has helped!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does NPS stand for?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score.

What are NPS surveys?

NPS surveys, or Net Promoter Scores, are a way to measure customer satisfaction. The surveys ask customers to rate their likelihood of recommending a company on a scale from 0-10. NPS scores can be used to track customer loyalty and determine whether customers are more likely to recommend a company’s products or services.

Why use NPS survey tools?

There are a number of reasons why businesses might want to use NPS survey tools. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that NPS scores can be used to track customer loyalty and determine whether customers are more likely to recommend a company’s products or services. This information can be helpful for businesses in a number of ways, such as improving customer retention.

What is NPS Software?

Net Promoter Score, abbreviated as NPS, is a utility that helps collect feedback from any business’ customer base. The tool is usually installed on a website and is employed periodically for gathering data.

Why is NPS important?

Talking about the advantage of employing NPS surveys is that it plays a vital role in identifying the customers’ satisfaction status with your product/service. With that being said, you can proceed with all the required analyses and bring positive changes.